January 15th, 2012


Airpak Express (“Airpak”) announced today that it has acquired privately-held Speed Couriers Limited. Founded by Carl Sharpe in 2004, Speed Couriers is the country’s third largest service provider of domestic express delivery. The company mirrors the services of Airpak by providing island wide and in-town document and package delivery to corporate Jamaica. The company also specialized is the distribution of just-in-time inventory and supplies for numerous corporate clients with branch networks.

Additionally, Airpak has acquired Supply Chain Solutions (“SCS”), a provider of inventory distribution for medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies that seek to outsource the delivery of inventory to customers island-wide. Both companies boast an impressive listing of account customers who rely on their ability to provide timely, cost-efficient delivery services. The acquisitions expand Airpak’s services to over 3,000 corporate clients.

According to General Manager Candice Kerr, “The acquisitions provide Airpak with the opportunity to expand our reach and introduce our unique technology-driven platform to a wider cross-section of the corporate market in Jamaica. Both companies perfectly complement our current base of first-world delivery service offerings to the Jamaican business sector, and position us as the only full-service delivery company in the country.”

Mr. Sharpe of Speed has given his full support of the acquisition as he feels it will provide the existing customer base with a wider array of products and services that will help to enhance their businesses. “I believe that the service enhancements that Airpak is able to provide will guarantee a better overall experience for the client base”. Sharpe, who will serve as advisor during the transition, stated, “At the end of the day, our primary aim has always been to satisfy the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations. By leveraging the investment Airpak has recently made into its infrastructure and technology, we will certainly meet that goal and create a superior customer experience for all delivery clients.”

The acquisitions will introduce current Speed and SCS customers to Airpak’s recently launched technology platform. The platform provides end-to-end package visibility and a more seamless delivery process. More specifically, customers are able to enter pickup requests online, track packages online from the point of pickup until delivery, upload bulk pickup requests, order inventory online, and have access to Airpak’s fourteen collection locations island wide.

In order to facilitate the growth in volume, Airpak has invested in its current infrastructure to expand its capacity. “We have expanded our operations facility at our hubs in Kingston and Montego Bay to make room for additional manpower and shipment volume. We have also allocated dedicated customer service agents to different segments of our newfound client base to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. Additionally, we have formalized a partnership with a local call centre to provide a larger pool of customer service agents in a more controlled environment so that every customer can be addressed more timely.” said Kerr.

Most importantly, customers of either company will now have the luxury of being serviced by Jamaica’s leading ‘one stop shop’ delivery network, giving them the option of shipping locally and internationally through Airpak and its associated brands, including:

  • Online Ordering and Shipping through Mailpac Express
  • Sea Freight Logistics through Mailpac Ocean Freight Solutions
  • Rush Delivery in Kingston through Airpak Roundtown (formerly Swoop & Zippy)
  • International Document and Package Logistics through UPS
  • Payment and Collection Solutions through EPay
  • Inventory Distribution through Supply Chain Logistics

If customers at Airpak, Speed Couriers or SCS have any concerns or questions, they are able to reach Airpak at (876) 927-PACK (7225) or by email at